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There is a game-changing benefit that the Internet handed to entrepreneurs like us. That is the benefit of having your content appear in front of someone looking for a product or service in your market, as opposed to throwing marketing dollars against the wall and hoping something sticks.

If you are looking for assistance with your local SEO programming, I’d like to convey the following; The logical extension of “targeted marketing is better than non-targeted marketing,” is “targetedbuyer-ready marketing is better than targeted researcher marketing.” That is, optimizing or advertising for queries where the searcher is in buyer-ready mode (“buy black leather jacket”) is better than doing so for queries when the searcher is still in research mode (“black leather jacket”).

At first glance, these assumptions seem to stand up to scrutiny. Evidence supports that long-tail queries do in fact convert at a rate greater than standard keyword terms in local SEO programming.

But a closer look tells us that there may be more…

This is due to the fact that a high percentage of buyer/conversion-ready queries take place after an online research process. For example, a purchaser looking to buy a dining room table may start with the query “dining room table”, progress to “modern dining room table”, and finally to “buy modern 12 x 12 dining room table”. Research supports these buying behaviors, but even a cursory look at our own online buying behaviors supports this framework.

Another way of looking at this is that a significant percentage of branded searches that show up in your analytics may in fact be downstream from an online research process like this one. Industry research shows that 86 percent of buyers begin their buying process with a non-branded search.

What Does This Mean for Your Marketing Strategy?

If a significant percentage of buyers/converters do in fact progress through a research process prior to converting, then an intelligent strategy reflects that fact. Many online businesses have a longstanding strategy of “crowding the register”: exclusively optimizing and creating content for conversion-centric queries.

I recently heard a good analogy: this phenomenon is comparable to a guy in a bar who walks up to a woman and says, “Will you marry me?” Then, after drying off the drink tossed on him, he wonders, “Am I in the wrong bar? Is it the shirt?”

Bring Forth Your Inner ‘Don Juan’

The obvious solution for our misguided Romeo is to get to know the prospective Juliet a bit before jumping immediately to a marriage proposal. For us, that means engaging with the buyer earlier in the buying cycle. It means creating content that will help educate and inform the buyer to help them progress down the buying funnel and make an informed decision.

The benefits of this approach are, well, that we are no longer awkwardly and immediately proposing marriage; we’re courting our customers rather than potentially alienating them with a push to purchase. But more importantly, we’re connecting with the buyer earlier in the buying cycle, forming a longer-term relationship and a neural connection between a generic product or service and our specific brand. Hopefully, they’ll draw on this connection when they are buyer-ready and plan to pull the trigger on a purchase.

If you apply this keyword technique and you are successful with this transition, you are likely to see an increase in traffic from both general research terms and branded-product terms as potential buyers return to your site late in the buying cycle.

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