8 Tips for Writing an Effective Charlotte NC Press Release For Your Website or Online Businesses

Charlotte NC Press release can result in hundreds if not thousands of high PR back links for your website. As a Website Designer and SEO Expert, I will embrue your website with SEO that will get the traffic flowing. Press releases can be an important part of any public relation campaign not only for your local market but also for businesses around the world. Being involved in both PR and Internet Marketing for almost a decade and submitting articles to newswires and publications, I have had the opportunity to see what makes a press releases that gets results.

PR has changed a lot since social media’s takeover, from fax and phone calls to Twitter, online newsrooms, hangouts and instant exposure. I have 8 great checkpoints that will turn your old and boring Press release to an instant success.

8 Tips for Writing an Effective Press Release

1. Start with a Catchy Headline

Sometimes it’s not the content; it’s the headline. If it’s from some important person, drop the name on the headline. If it’s about a current trending topics, put that keyword in. If it’s about one of the Streets darling, big cap like this: GOOGLE! If people don’t get excited on the headline, they won’t click into reading. It’s safe to estimate more than 50,000 headlines are published each day…how do you make yours standout? Note: Many press release wires and news systems pay a lot of attention to the keywords within a headline, algorithmically.

2. The Meat in the FIRST Paragraph

Always assume people won’t read past the first paragraph. Put everything you can inside the first paragraph. Some call this inverted pyramid or top-heavy, whatever the name is, your press release is really just about the first paragraph. If you do SEO by yourself, Design Web Charlotte reminds you to include a link in the first paragraph. Many republications have first paragraph as the excerpt, thus exposing your most important value upfront. This will help your Charlotte NC Press Release to be not only more website friendly but also helps your website or online business to be more search engine friendly.

3. Make it Human

“Many times content can be re-purposed / worded into a conversation,” Daniel explained. “Make it sound like an interview or a Q&A. Quotes inside of press releases get a lot of reads. People want to read what others have to say.”

4. Include Stats and Hard Numbers

Like how many years the business has been operating, serving how many customers in how many countries, reaching how much revenue… Almost 95% of all professional journalists writes with numbers in 99% of their stories. Hard numbers make a release tangible. Releases containing hard numbers get referenced 315% more often. (just an example!)

5. Have a Media Profile

Okay, I read your release and I am pitched! Thank God you have a media kit page that has everything I need…logos, HD videos, high-res photos, story outline, variations and pre-amble, your background, your quotes and most importantly, your permission to use them in my story.

6. Decide on an Angle

How do you cut into a issuing a release? A business can issue a press release almost every day, what stops them from releasing more frequently is the lack of angle. Here are 61 ideas for your next press release.

7. Add Appropriate Media to Your Local Press Release

I have seen press releases with media content like photos, info graphics and videos get 200% more views than those that don’t. Readers are human. They see a catchy headline, they’ll click and the next thing they expect is a photo. This is that golden opportunity to put your most important message into the photo, even if they are just typographically designed and superimposed.

8. Another Release Should Follow Each Press Release

Don’t put an end to your first release. Keep issuing more and more releases, each a development of a previous release. I am able to spot few companies running releases as frequent as blog posts. Yes they work. Chain up the releases, connect the stories, brand your business with a consistent media presence.

Overall benefit for Charlotte NC Press release after taking care of 8 tips

Following all the tips will help the Charlotte NC Press release or any other publication to be more friendly not only for the user but also for the search engines. Design Web Charlotte helps you to follow each step more effectively and more precisely. If your press release is not getting attention or response, Design Web Charlotte NC will help you to find the weak spots to help your online business to grow according to your desires.

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